Addictions > ADD06 Addictions - Fantasy and Relapse
ADD06 Addictions - Fantasy and Relapse (inactive)
The purpose of this module is to present the connection between addiction and underlying unconscious fantasy process.
Course Objective
This program provides clinicians with the opportunity to learn about:

How relapse may be related to unconscious fantasy processes.
Addiction is not a disease
Addiction to fill voids

Intended Audience
Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Addiction Therapists 
Author Bio
Joseph Cattano, Ph. D. received his Ph.D. in Social Work from the New York University School of Social Work and his psychoanalytic training at the New York School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.  

He has worked in addictions for most of his professional life, including being Executive Director of the Port Washington Counseling Center in Port Washington, NY, the Executive Director and clinical supervisor at Rapport Inc, an outpatient substance abuse treatment program and clinical supervisor of the Methadone Maintenance Programs for the county of Suffolk, NY. He has taught on the use of psychoanalytic therapy in the treatment of substance abuse at the Advanced Seminars in Ego Psychology in Holbrook, N.Y.  


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