Autism Spectrum Disorder > ASD09 Autism Spectrum Disorder - Crisis Intervention
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ASD09 Autism Spectrum Disorder - Crisis Intervention
This module is designed to help give you the knowledge and skills to ensure safety and well-being for the individuals with whom you work, your colleagues, and yourself. Crises occur in the work that we do. But you can learn to identify potential crisis situations and be prepared to help manage the situation.
Course Objective
After completing this module, you should be able to:
• Understand the range of levels and types of crises.
• Recall and review behaviors and recognize signs of a crisis and its antecedents.
• Proactively respond to a crisis situation managing the environment and staying safe.
• Discuss ways to support the individual during a time of crisis. 
• Demonstrate knowledge of positive behavioral supports and the basic principles of behavior.

Intended Audience
Direct support professionals, case managers, nursing assistants, health aides 
Author Bio
The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc. also known as Providers’ Council is a statewide association of health and human service agencies. Founded in 1975, the Providers' Council is the state's largest human service trade association and is widely recognized as the official voice of the private human service provider industry. Providers’ Council founded and deployed the first online curriculum and credential programs for direct support professionals and continues to enhance this curriculum with current data and workforce practices.
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